The Snugg Review on the Nexus 7 Case Cover

Last week I received a wonderful gift in the mail, The Snugg Nexus 7 Case Cover in Black. This delivery had me very excited as I have heard of The Snugg before, and have always wanted to try one of their products for myself. The below post is my experience using the Snugg Nexus 7 case cover.

About the Snugg Case

The Snugg, in my opinion, is a leading case company for electronic devices. While my specific case was tailored specifically for the Google 7 Nexus, The Snugg offers cases for a variety of other electronics  including:

  • IPad (1-5 & Mini)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • HTC
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Blackberry Playbook
  • Nook
  • …. and more!

The Snugg Nexus 7 Case is a premium case created specifically for the new tablet from Google. The leather is tough with the inside of a soft suede like material so I am rest assured that it will not scratch my device. While frequently subjected to the inside of my purse (and miscellaneous objects therein) the surface of the case has managed to avoid scratches and marks you would otherwise see in other leather products.

A week later and it still looks fresh out of the box!

nexus-7-cover_3The Snugg Nexus 7 Features

  • Resilient PU leather
  • Cut outs for the connection port, headphone ports, camera and sensor on the front and volume/zoom controls.
  • Case folds to stands up perfectly for watching movies or reading and folds into the perfect typing position.
  • Elasticated hand strap for a comfortable, great hold while walking or relaxing.
  • High quality, soft, black nubuck fibre interior that’s wipe-clean, to prevent internal scratches device.
  • Velcro tab inside the case, which is used to secure your tablet tightly in place when cased ensuring a secured device.
  • Stylus loop to hold your stylus pen.
  • Automatic sleep/wake so the battery on your Nexus lasts even longer!

My Experience with the The Snugg Nexus 7 Case

The case that I was previously using was an unnamed cheap $7 Kindle Fire case off (In fact I went to find it to link directly to it so you could compare, but it was no longer even listed!) While the case was a good deal, in terms of superficial protection, the features that I needed, were lacking.

The biggest issue I had with my Amazon case was that it did not “stand up” securely. It had multiple “levels” of adjustment but because the device, itself, it could not support it. It could sit all the way up, but not at an incline as promised. While this may have something to do with the fact that it was not made specifically for my Nexus, I would think that it should have been able to do as mentioned with the device being the same size.

Oh well.

I did not have this issue with The Snugg Nexus 7 Case.  Although it took me a few minutes to figure out how to secure it so it stands (the case involved no directions), I find that it is nice and secure. It’s actually a really simple concept involving the tab on the back (as shown in the image above). I simply made the mistake of assuming that The Snugg Nexus 7 case was built like the Amazon case I had been using previously.

It is so much better.

The Snugg Nexus 7 Case Requests

nexus-7-cover_2There are some issues that I had with the case, although they are very small in comparison and mostly superficial. For one, the stylus tab does not tuck “behind” the Nexus, as described. You can tuck it above and around the nexus so it closes nicely, but you cannot “hide” it from view. Also I feel that it gets in the way of the power port. I think it would be better fit to be on the opposite side, near the camera and it would be nice to be able to tuck it away and hide it, as mentioned.

I also wish that there were more colors available. A few months ago when I was originally asked to review The Snugg case, it was only available in Black. It has since opened up to a few more colors. But still, I would love if it were available in more colors – preferably Purple (both normal and light), and a dark magenta pink (as is the Amazon case I have), as a turquoise/aqua blue. Aqua blue is my absolute favorite color and I have yet to find a good case that utilizes this beautiful color. Maybe even modern patterns to truly individualize the experience!

My last request is for a case that involves a quality keyboard for under $50. (Is that possible?) Sometimes when I am out and about, or even at home, and cannot get to my computer (I no longer own a laptop as it was stolen), I would love to set my Nexus 7 on my lap and type away. I loathe typing via the screen so I would love a keyboard. Even a bluetooth option from The Snugg would be wonderful, although I did not see any such accessory listed.


You can purchase The Snugg case directly from their website. Right now the case is $10 off and is currently $29.99! Well worth the price, if you ask me.


cwman June 16, 2020 at 11:39 pm

Great case with one minor exception. The case allows the tablet to move around just enough that the case can cover part of the camera lens.

Alisa June 18, 2020 at 7:44 am

I love how ti looks, really. I’d like to choose another color (blue?), but would definitely try it.

Caty June 19, 2020 at 4:18 pm

I would take a black one definitely. But I’m not using Nexus 😀

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