REVIEW: Adventures of a Ghost Hunter by Adam Nori
Title: Adventures of a Ghost Hunter- My Investigations into the Darkness
Author: Adam Nori
Publish Date: March 13th 2013
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
Pages: 240

Some people tell ghost stories. Adam Nori is living one.

A founding member of the Minnesota Paranormal Study Group, Adam Nori began investigating ghosts at ten years old. In Adventures of a Ghost Hunter, Nori tells the most chilling tales of his investigations. Driven by his desire to pay tribute to a favorite uncle, Nori and his team utilize a blend of technology, research, and intuition to investigate the most haunted places in the Midwest.

Investigating haunted homes, museums, cemeteries, and even a bus station, the Minnesota Paranormal Study Group combines scientific data collection with psychic communication. Be afraid as the group channels spirits, witnesses apparitions, and captures EVPs, and be warmed as Nori develops helpful, healing relationships with his frightened clients. Nori’s passion for investigating, teaching, and raising money for historical preservation is carried out with gratitude and earnestness—this is one ghost hunter you’ll find yourself rooting for!

For as long as I can remember, I have always had an immense interest in the paranormal. When more and more ghost hunters and paranormal investigators started to become popularized, my interest only increased. Yes! My interests aren’t so peculiar anymore! (Not that I have ever held any sort of paranormal investigation; but still.)

I’ve pretty much watched every paranormal show on Netflix and Hulu that pops up. Now, I am venturing into gobbling up everything and anything that I can read. Now that more ebooks on the topic(s) are becoming available, I feel like I must read absolutely everything.

I really enjoy the month of October, because I always feel that I can openly read about ghosts and it be socially acceptable. (Please tell me there are other bookworms that have an interest in the paranormal so I don’t go ranting and raving about how awesome this topic is…) If ghost hunting isn’t your thing and you’d rather a review on something else, feel free to visit my other reviews.

When the chance to read and review future publication Adventures of a Ghost Hunter by Adam Nori became available, I jumped on it. I (at that point in time) did not know who Adam Nori was, but the group he works with (The Minnesota Paranormal Study Group) sounded vaguely familiar so I felt he must have some creditable experience under his belt worth reading up on.

adventures-by-coverThe start of Adventures of a Ghost Hunter was a bit slow for my taste. Instead of going straight into biographical mode, it would have been catching to start with a heart pounding experience. For example, later on in (towards the end) of  the novel he goes on to discuss a cursed home within his own family; a home in which (I believe his cousin?) had hung himself (or attempted suicide.. didn’t quite understand which, or maybe both?) and his cousin’s girlfriend had mysteriously passed away after a fall down the stairs. While I do not want to spoil his findings, they were rather eery. Starting off with a bang story would have intrigued my interest to read more about Adam instead of wanting to hurry up past this and get to the “good stuff”. (You know, the stories.)

Another interesting story was about the history of the Greyhound bus and the happenings that go on within the museum. Those two stories, specifically, stood out the most to me. Everything else, not entirely so much. Although I felt that he had a lot to say, I don’t think story telling what his forte. Not to say that it wasn’t good – it was. But I would have loved if the story/experience re-telling was a bit stronger.

I also felt that there was not really any conclusion to his stories, or more so that it was still vague. But, I guess that can be so with paranormal investigations as you leave with more questions then when you came in. On another note, something that I really enjoy in paranormal books are pictures and Adventures of a Ghost Hunter did not have any; not that there wouldn’t be any (I really do not know.) I simply had an advanced reader’s copy and that may have not been something added to the ARCS for review. Certainly it should be added because it is something I thoroughly enjoy while reading such books.

If you’ve found yourself entranced by Ghost Adventures or Ghost Hunters International (and many of the other programs available) then you’ll want to check out the following book when it becomes available. While it isn’t the strongest book in the field, I felt that Nori still supplied some great experience, information, and advice worth reading.


Jessy August 10, 2020 at 9:31 am

Not for me for sure. Ghosts, mystical stuff… mehhh

Lectus August 11, 2020 at 9:11 pm

Sounds interesting. I’m not into ghosts and paranormal reading but I’d definitely pick it up if I see it at the library 🙂

Nelly August 12, 2020 at 10:18 am

That was amazing.! I would really like to watch the TV Show on this book

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