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What is RedBubble? is a unique, quirky, and creative online community dedicated to artists and artist created products. From all over the globe, you will find everything from unique mixed media and graphic arts based on an artists’ own life interpretations to — my personal favorite — artist created fan works!

Whether you are an art enthusiast looking for the next big artist to display in your home, or looking for a special Dr. Who kid’s t-shirt, you will find all your unique art needs at! The part about is that they are all created by artists in the community all around you – no professional educational degree required.

Per Wikipedia: Redbubble is a marketplace founded in 2006 by Martin Hosking, and creates customized products using original user submitted artwork. Some images have been the subject of media controversy.

My RedBubble Review

I am a geek – and proud of it. My initial discovery of RedBubble happened during a google search for unique t-shirts for kids in attempt to match woolies I had planned to knit and sell or knit and give as gifts. I wanted kids shirts that were witty, creative, geeky, and something you would not find at Target or Old Navy. Not only did RedBubble have amazing fan-art based on some of my favorite fandoms – Harry Potter, Sherlock, Star Wars, Dr. Who, but the products you can purchase using these arts were immense.

The great thing about RedBubble is that, if you are an artist, you can upload and sell your artwork.Can you imagine seeing people walk away with your design on a t-shirt, or hanging in their home?

When you find an image that you like, you can order the image in varying products such as:

  • Adult T-Shirts (with various fits)
  • Stickers
  • iPhone & iPod Cases
  • Samsung Galaxy Cases
  • iPad Cases
  • Prints (in varying finishes and sizes)
  • Poster
  • Cards
  • Kids Clothes
  • Calendars

What I Selected and Received from RedBubble:


red-bubble-2 red-bubble-3

I think it may be obvious what some of my interests are – The Wizard of Oz and Dr. Who. I chose an 8×10 image print of the image with The Munchkins and the Police Box. I also ordered a larger matted image of an Italian The Wizard of Oz Poster.

When ordering, I did find that I was disappointed that not all artist images carried the same available product selection. I am not entirely sure why, either. Some images will allow you to have only prints, and sometimes only small prints. While other artists will give you a full selection; you can have large matted prints, framed prints, mounted prints, or t-shirts, cellphone cases, etc.

I do wish that I was able to choose the size of the print AND the size of the mat. As you can see in my framed photo, the mat takes up the majority of the frame whereis I had hoped the image would be larger. Unfortunately this was not an option available. Because I loved the image so much, I took what I could get. :)

As of right now the Munchkins and the Police Box is only available on a t-shirt and stickers, while at the time I ordered, I was allowed to get an 8×10 print. If I had it my way, however, I would have gotten a larger matted print like I was able to do with the Italian Wizard of Oz Poster. I will have to, instead, matt the image myself to match my Italian poster. But that is okay with me. :)

I went to Target and purchased a black picture frame that encompassed the matted Italian Wizard of Oz Poster image perfectly. I just adore this image so much that I took down a picture of one of my kids. (Sorry, Carli.) :)

In regards to product selection, I can only imagine that the reason why the product availability is different for every artist’s image on RedBubble is as simple as the settings on the artist’s behalf. My best recommendation is: If you see something you want and not the way you want it, ask the artist! 

I also found it peculiar that both products I had selected were shipped separately rather than together. My Munchkins print was shipped in a cardboard-based envelope that had gotten wet in the mail and had opened. I was surprised that I received the image at all, and that the image, itself, wasn’t damaged. I think this was partially due to manhandling through the postal service and weather and it was honest to goodness good luck that my print arrived nicely. My Italian Wizard of Oz Poster was sent all the way from Spain and was wrapped like a beast (in a good way!). I had layers upon layers to unwrap and it arrived like perfection. I found that, even though it was an international delivery, it arrived quickly (within days of the other package). The question still remains, though, who EXACTLY is the printing service for RedBubble if RedBubble is not the printing service, itself?

Other than the lack in printing choices for my particular prints, and the confusing delivery – my experience was so pleasant. I had great customer service, fast delivery, and high quality items. Below I am including some other prints you can find exclusively on

The RedBubble Giveaway

RedBubble has been so generous as to offer a $50 gift certificate to their store. Entering is easy!

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