Mud Puddle by Robert Munsch Book Review
Title: Mud Puddle
Author: Robert Munsch
Illustrated: Dusan Pericic
Publisher: Annick Press
ISBN: 978-1554514267
Pages: 32

Mud Puddle by Robert Munsch Book Summary

A brand-new look for a classic story.

Originally published in 1979, this was the first of Robert Munsch’s oral stories to be turned into a book. Since then, it has made countless children (and adults) all around the world laugh out loud.

When Jule Ann goes outside, a mud puddle jumps on her and gets her dirty all over. No sooner does her mother scrub her clean than she ventures out again, only to be pounced upon by the pesky mud puddle. The cycle continues until finally Jule Ann gets the better of the mud puddle with cheerful ingenuity and two bars of smelly yellow soap.

Lively, clever artwork by award-winning illustrator Dusan Petricic gives this bestselling picture book a fresh and energetic look that will charm a new generation of young readers.

I think most of us grew up with Robert Munsch. If you don’t know his book “Love You Forever” then I question if you’re still breathing. Love You Forever is a book that will forever be an easy literary representation of a parent’s love for their child. Often, this book is given to new parents and usually a welcome to addition to any new nursery. In fact, I am often quite surprised if I hear a parent doesn’t own Love You Forever.

That being said, Love You Forever is not Robert Munsch’s only book and he was a far cry from a “one hit” wonder in a literary sense. You may very well recognize some of his other novels, including the book that I will (shortly) mention, Mud Puddle.

As a child I remember quite fondly another one of his books, “The Paper Bag Princess“.

robert-munsch-book-1 robert-munsch-book-2
My fourth grade teacher even used this novel as a teaching lesson and we wrote stories and it may have not been related but I wrote my story about a princess and a dragon — very much like Robert Munsch’s novel. (I will have to find it and take pictures of it. Rather funny.)

mud-puddle-coverOne book that I was not familiar with was Mud Puddle. When the opportunity to review Mud Puddle presented itself to me, I thought, “Oh wow! A new book by Robert Munsch!” But I was very wrong. Well, sort of wrong. It was a new book to me.  Mud Puddle was actually published in the 70s (before I was even born) but as of June of 2012, it has a fresh new look.

We are introduced to a little girl (who my guess is about 4-6 years of age) named Jule Ann. Whenever she goes outside, she finds herself completely immersed in mud. She is not a fan of being dirty (much like my youngest, Katelyn) so she goes inside, gets cleaned up, and then goes back outside.

But, the puddle gets her again! Ack!

When Jule Ann goes in the second time after a mud incident, I was sure her Mother was going to get upset. But like all loving mother’s should be, she simply cleaned her up and sent her back on her way. Man, I was put to shame by a character! The rest of the novel shows Jule Ann in her quest to play outside without the mud puddle finding her.

Mud Puddle is an adorable story that will be a wonderful read aloud to your child.


Natasha July 4, 2020 at 3:09 am

Funny and cute

Robert Munsch books were my favorite growing up and now I can read them on my Kindle to my kids. This is the second Munsch book I’ve borrowed from the kindle library and I will read more.

Nina July 4, 2020 at 4:04 pm

Munsch is one of my favorite. Kids love him as well.

Kim July 9, 2020 at 10:19 am

Peppa Pig?.. I’m sure she’ll like this one 😀 😀 LOL

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