Movie Casting for Warm Bodies Book Shows Hollywood Racial Inequality


Are You Happy with the Warm Bodies Movie Casting?

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion has been on my to-read list forever. I will just have to ignore the fact that Stephanie Meyers endorses it as a great read (reading turn off) and open it for myself. Maybe I will even pick up Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion after I finish reading The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova.

After all, I hate when movies come out before I’ve had the chance to read the book.

I stumbled upon an article about the movie casting for the Warm Bodies movie and even though I haven’t read the book and have no connection to the characters within, I was irritated.

Supposedly, in the novel Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion, the best friend of the female lead is a half-black and white woman (with brown skin) named Nora. It has been decided that in the film, however, she will be played by white American figure skater, actress, and fashion model Analeigh Tipton.

I don’t know about you, but she doesn’t have brown skin (or am I truly colorblind?). Even if they decide to darken her up, why wouldn’t Hollywood just give a bi-racial or black actress a chance at the part that was written specifically for them?

Is Hollywood SO superficially racist that they will select a white fashion model over a talented black or bi-racial actress who would better fit the part? Has Hollywood forgotten that if you do not cast according to the book, to which the movie is based after, that you tend to create a horrible movie? (Check out my article on why I thought Katherine Heigel was an awful choice for Stephanie Plum [and I was right.]) One for the Money tanked. I mean, it really stunk.

If Hollywood is so out of ideas that it turns to books to find its next Blockbuster film, then why can’t they just go by the book? What the hell is wrong with Hollywood casting directors? SERIOUSLY?

What are your thoughts?

  1. Sheila says

    Damn… I’m also sometimes desperate when movies come out before I read the book on it…
    And in this case.. these people and their decision – just no words ****

  2. Deby says

    Never watch a movie, before you’ve read a book 😛

  3. Caty says

    I like this cover a lot!

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