Ever Find Yourself Doing 20 Thousand Things at Once

Yup, like Mr. Lego Man, here — I am juggling a thousand things at once. I am not always good at juggling a thousand projects. I find that it is one that occupies a majority of my time, while others get pushed aside.

Anyone who knows how to juggle 20 thousand things at once, please teach me. 

Some of the things that have occupied me the last few months (other than the obvious holidays of St. Patrick’s Day and Easter) involve:

Aster & Lilly

Starting my own natural products store, specializing in herbal supplements and essential oils. You can view my website at Aster & Lilly , but you won’t find anything interesting (yet). It’s not live. I’ll keep you posted when it does go live. It will include a variety of homemade items from various venders (including myself) — all natural. Plus, I will be blogging a lot on living naturally. I am really excited about this project! It is something that I feel really passionate about.

Tenants From HELL



By: Jess Liotta and Colin Liotta – CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

We have had a family living in a previous home of ours since June of 2012 until it was sold (in March) and they have been the tenants from HELL. I had no idea that a family could be so difficult. The sad thing about this situation is that this woman is in my social circle (which, by the way, is a bad idea. Don’t even think of renting a property to someone you know, even mutually.)

This woman (who shall not be named) has a compulsive lying problem (and a record to prove it, if you know what I mean.) She was frequently bad mouthing me to mutual friends, making me seem as if I was taking advantage of her. Of course she neglected to mention that she was renting our property for $600 a month with a few months completely free; nor showing her what we had mutually agreed on in terms of expectations as per the lease. This was a nice 1,200sq foot single house with two car garage, laminate floors, a porch, and fenced in backyard. It was a nice house for a great deal and she treated it like it was a scum of the Earth house.

Every month there was some new drama in her life that required her to ask (every single month) for a rent decrease or stating that she is disappointed and wanted to move out. Husband got a promotion that gave them insurance, yet took more money out of their check. Then he was arrested for drunk driving. Then, he was cheating on her. Then an aunt was dying. There was always something. It was a headache to keep up with. I told her multiple times to leave if she was not happy, but I guess she realized that there was no way she could get anything remotely like it.

More than once we worked with them with whatever financial crisis they may have had but it go to the point, after many months of this — I had enough. I felt emotionally drained. When I found out she was badmouthing me to friends, I felt like my entire body had been trampled on. She was LYING to our friends, and she’s pretty good at it. (I am more than positive she has some sort of personality disorder that involves attention seeking, because she was (and probably always will) constantly pulling the victim card.

We had a signed lease that we throughly negotiated together. Just follow it. It’s not hard. That is what it is for. Stop playing the victim and be responsible for your life and stop taking advantage of others. Had she not constantly complained over asinine issues like a closet door not working, or a light going out — we would have been happy to help. (It was in our lease, per our mutual agreement, that they would be responsible for maintaining the home.) So, for the past few weeks I have been dealing with her, which involved standing up to my friends and telling them the truth of the matter. It was a very difficult situation to deal with and like I mentioned before — I feel completely and utterly emotionally drained.

The fortunate thing is that I have learned a lot from this experience. The main thing, it brought me closer to a friend, who I realized and respected for standing up along side me. I also realized that there are just some people who I cannot talk sense to and they will think the way they do and behave the way they do regardless of being confronted. I need to just accept the things that I cannot change. And there are many, many,  people who have no problem standing up for something popular in the public eye, but will avoid getting involved and standing up for issues in their own backyard.

I am glad to have that family out of my life. It is the end of one of the most stressful times of my entire life. Whew. 

Homeschool Group

homeschool-groupThe girls are in a homeschool group for kids of Central FL. We all gathered at my house and planted seeds. They really enjoyed digging around in the dirt and watering their seeds.

Carli, Katelyn, and I planted some bush beans and eggplant. We had plenty of bush beans sprout but not a single eggplant. Not sure if eggplants are just difficult to sprout or I somehow did it wrong — I don’t know.

Transfered the bush bean seedlings to my raised garden bed from last year (and a few misc little places) and we shall soon see if they do well. So far over the past week they have been slow growing. Not entirely sure why. They may need a boost of something and I know I need to spray for pests (gotta protect the seedling babies!)

The group consisted of children of all ages, including pre-talkers. I feel it is great to expose kids to learning, even if they can’t fully comprehend it. They are still learning. I also find that having older kids is amazing because they can help the younger kids, which in itself, helps them to understand what they are learning even better.

Everything Else

I am still reading The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova, along with studying an herbalist course book. I started The Historian mid-February. Two months to read a single book? Ridiculous. But it’s really good.. so that makes the situation all the more ridiculous.

I have also been watching some great shows including Point Blank (a Canadian show that is no longer on, sadly.) It is so amazing and I am sad that it was only a couple seasons long. Maybe they will pull an “Arrested Development” and come back. Netflix? Hulu? Any takers? :)

Korean drama wise, I’m watching A Hundred Years Inheritance (which is still airing in Korea). Normally I select shows that have aired and finished, but it wasn’t until I was many episodes in when I realized that it is not finished. It airs twice a week, I believe so it should be showing up on Hulu sometime this afternoon, I think.

So, anyway — had and HAVE a ton going on. Will do what I can to make it work. What kind of projects are occupying your time?? Do you ever feel that life gets in the way of your books?


Lilly October 12, 2020 at 8:59 pm

Oh, what a story… You’re so kind by nature.

Ashley October 16, 2020 at 6:44 pm

Poor you… Multitasking sucks! Just have experienced it firsthand.

Karin October 16, 2020 at 8:09 pm

Never do multitasking ever. Please!

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