Bobs by Sketchers: What Are Your Thoughts?

Bobs by Sketchers: What are your thoughts?

I would like your thoughts on Bobs by Sketchers vs. Toms shoes. I have wanted Toms for a while, now. But, other than the small selection at Whole Foods or online, there was no where local that I could easily just pick up a pair, so I never got around to it. (I still desperately want a pair, by the way.)

When a publicist from Sketchers emailed me to tell me about the Bobs by Sketchers, I jumped on the offer to try out a pair of the Sketchers version of Toms. Although a part of me was kind of bothered by the fact that Sketchers (without a doubt) copied the design and idea from Toms, I still wanted to try them. After all, I have always been a fan of Sketchers shoes. I thought I would put my feelings aside on the copycat issue (because, after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery) and enjoy my free pair.

bobs-sketchers-1My thoughts on Bobs by Sketchers

What I throughly enjoyed from Sketchers (or at least their PR department) was their prompt response to any questions that I had, and super fast delivery. Imagine my surprise, though, when they turned out to be red. I happen to only like red shoes if they are sparkly  (i.e. The Wizard of Oz). When it comes to it I would never choose red sneakers. There is just not many options of clothing that I own that look good with red sneakers; heels, yes, but sneakers? No.

But I digress, I ended up wearing them with everything; even wearing them with purple shirts. Hell yeah! With the comfort, most of the time I just did not care they were red. Comfort outweighed style. It’s been the theme of my life since having kids. (Oh how typical is that?) I still would have preferred, though, that they were in a more neutral color.

When I first slipped the Bobs by Sketchers onto my feet, they felt a little big. Sometimes when shoes don’t fit properly, you can find yourself with an abundance of blisters (which are not at all fun.) I was surprised, though, that I never had an issue with blisters wearing the Bobs by Sketchers. They weren’t actually as loose as they initially felt and never once did they irritate my sockless feet.

I have had my Bobs by Sketchers for a few months now and even though they are quick to get dirty due to the canvas fabric, they just was easily come clean in the wash. My shoes are holding up nicely and I am pleased with the shoe, itself. But I still do wonder how are Bobs by Sketchers in comparison with Toms?

Have you tried both shoes? Either brand? Which do you prefer?


Georgy May 25, 2020 at 10:18 am

Skechers are good enough, right. But Toms… I’m a Toms fan, you know 😉

Monica May 26, 2020 at 2:50 am

Toms are definitely better than Bobs. I tell you!

Emma May 27, 2020 at 2:09 am

God bless the man who invented such a type of shoes! My TOP1 😀

Lindy May 27, 2020 at 1:45 pm

Recently my grand daughter picked me one of those – never wear such kind of shoes. And I find them as much convenient as my home slippers are 🙂

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